About robertlipe.com

A personal blog, centered on technology and particularly RISC-V microcontroller exploration

I’m Robert Lipe. I’ve been involved in free/open-source software since the late 1980’s and professionally in the industry since earlier than that. I’ve been involved in everything from a performing a DOS port of vi (Elvis!) to a maintainer of GCC and Binutils to probably my most famous creation, GPSBabel. Professionally, I created multi-port sharing devices with Digi, was a senior kernel engineer at SCO, and spent nearly 13 years working on Google Earth.

I was forced into medical disability in 2017. While I can’t spend endless hours at a desk any longer, I can still tinker here and there. I’ve somewhat returned to my embedded and electronics background to keep entertained. I took an interest in RISC-V and as thus, much of my writing here is about that technology.