Because of the difficulty downloading disk images from geographic distance or sites that may not translate well, this is a collection of important boot images for members of the D1 RISC-V processor. We have collected images and information from Fedora RISC-V Project and Debian RISC-V project  as well as some information by Sunxi.  The information is mostly targeting the Nezha class of boards, but may be useful for other boards based on the Allwinner D1or D1s/F133 chips, particularly those built by Sipeed.

There is a security measure enforced by our hosting service that everything has to be served as a zip file. Thus images that are already a compressed image (.zst, .gz, .img, etc.) are zipped again. Sorry.

Edit: May 2022: Several of the Allwinner images are packed with Allwinner’s Windows-only ‘Phoenix’ compression utility. Using ‘OpenixCard‘ to decompress/unpackage them may be helpful, particularly if you’re on a UNIX-like OS.


  • XFCE with Rawhide, 2022-01-04 [wpdm_package id=’190′]
  • XFCE with Rawhide, 2021-11-30 [wpdm_package id=’192′]
  • XFCE with ESP, 2021-09-12 [wpdm_package id=’195′]
  • Custom 1GB bootloader for 1GB hardware. [wpdm_package id=’199′]


  • Debian riscv64/D1 0.6.1 image, RVBoards [wpdm_package id=’209′]
  • Debian riscv64/D1 0.4.1 LXDE RVBoards [wpdm_package id=’208′]
  • Debian riscv64/D1 0.4 LXDE image, RVBoards [wpdm_package id=’207′]
  • Debian riscv64/D1 v0.3 MIPI card [wpdm_package id=’206′]
  • Debian riscv64/D1 v0.3 HDMI card [wpdm_package id=’205′]
  • Debian riscv64/D1 v0.2 LXDE image, RVBoards [wpdm_package id=’204′]
  • Debian riscv64/D1 v0.2 console [wpdm_package id=’203′]